Markets Regulation and Enforcement and more Foreign direct investments.

Markets  efficient Regulation ,Enforcement , more  investor participation and Foreign direct investments.

For South Africa to attain an efficient and stable Capital and Financial Markets that has the confidence of its investors and issuers, that is conducive and that will adequately contribute to the countries economic growth and proportionally benefits all its citizens, there has to be a adequate and efficient markets regulation that will bring about markets efficiency and stability thus building up investor confidence from the public and attracting more foreign direct investment into the country.


In order for South Africa to attract more foreign Direct Investment (FDI) there is a great need for adequate investor confidence , and this is a only attainable if South Africa Capital Markets are regulated and the regulation enforcement its self conforms with that of international standards.


There are currently a number of Governmental and Self Regulated Organizations that has provided with the frame work for Capital Markets Regulation and enforcement. But are these organizations and agencies doing enough in providing with the right regulation? Is there enough legislation out there to adequately regulate our Capital Markets? Are the law enforcement agencies doing enough or do the have enough capacity and expertise to enforce and prosecute cases where there are violations, none compliance or fraud on our Markets? Do the courts have the necessary expertise to try, convict and provide with the right sanctions to perpetrators?

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IPSA is an organization that works by providing legal and non legal opinions with these existing regulators, ensuring that that, regulators are doing enough, there is adequate regulation and that their regulation is in line or is moving to aligned itself with international standards. it ensures that the law enforcement agencies have the right expertise and enough capacity for enforcement. it ensures that the Courts have a good understanding of Capital regulations and laws violations, impact they have on the economy, the proper sanctions to be imposed on those that have been found of wrong doing. this i achieved by working with the courts as friends of the Courts in cases, providing with legal opinion and expert witnesses services during cases.

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