Early Childhood Financial literacy and investor Education



It has been said that children and youth mostly form previously disadvantaged back ground are uniquely impacted by household finance complexities. Financial literacy and investing education provides opportunities for children and youth to learn about personal finance and to improve their own money management skills and quickly understand the investing environment, this will result in good participation in Financial and Capital Markets.

There are no current comprehensive strategies for educating children about personal finance and the importance of good money management and investing. IPSA explores the possibility of introducing of youth financial literacy and investing education and policy, including definitions and measures of effectiveness.

This includes:

  • Engaging with the department of Education and other relevant stakeholders in incorporating our program into the education system through various means.
  • Provides with basic literature on financial literacy and investment education to children from primary school level.
  • Providing basic financial literacy and Investing training through various means to educators  through facilitators.



Since the down of democracy in 1994  South Africa has seen a dramatic increase of the middle class, this is  composed of  employees of  both the government and private sectors, there has also been an increase of investment activities both i public and private equities markets, on the same token investment and securities fraud stars have used this increase of investment  activities as an opportunity to  investment  and Securities  fraudulent activities , to that end there has also  been a number of reports and cases where the mostly the middle class  have lost money, life savings and even properties  through well planned and structured fraudulent  investment scams.




This also include on line trading and fast cash making offerings that have bombarded social networks from mainly companies incorporated and conducting business outside the Republic of South Africa but targeting South African Investors.


It is clear that there is an urgent need to address the issue of adult financial abuse.


IPSA provides with proper and adequate adult Financial literacy and Investor education to the middle class investing public in South Africa through:


  • Through print media (pamphlets) in different local languages depending on the geographical location that are distributed in different places including shopping mall and supper markets.
  • Television programs. (Talk shows, Series and dramas dedicated to investor education)
  • Dedicated radio talks show.
  • Work place seminars from time to time targeting the most venerable.
  • Bill boards.
  • Sims’s alerts and tips from time to time reminding adults of possible fraudulent schemes.
  • Community meetings at community halls from time to time.


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