Internet fraud



The advent of the internet has played a very critical role in a way that information dissemination has been simplified and changed how we do things many people (Investors) are using the Internet and social media to help them with investment decisions even executing investment transactions. While these online tools can provide many benefits for investors, these same tools have also   attracted criminals who may use the in order to perpetrate their criminal activities and defraud the investing public. Criminals will try to stay one step ahead of things and also are quick to adapt to new technologies – and the Internet is no exception.


The use of the Internet allows criminals to reach a mass audience without spending a lot of time or money. All it takes is a website, online message, or social media site can reach large number of people with less effort. It’s easy for fraudsters to make their messages look real and credible and sometimes hard for investors to tell the difference between fact and fiction. That’s why you should think twice before you invest your money in any opportunity you find online.



Investor education and information becomes the key to avoiding investment fraud on social media sites or elsewhere on the Internet. Information and education allows the investor to learn on what steps to take in order to avoid falling prey to on line investment frauds. By subscribing and registering on our site, you will be able to receive free On line investment newsletters, On line Bulletin, SMS’s alerting and informing you about investment scams on line.




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