Affinity frauds

Affinity Frauds ( Groups, Communities, Churches, Societies )


This type of investment fraud usually targets members of identifiable groups, such as elderly people, religious groups or ethnic communities. In most cases the fraudsters involved in this type of investment fraud and scams often are – or pretend to be – members of the group Eg church leaders, or community leaders.

They enlist the services of respected leaders from the group for endorsement to spread the word about the scheme, convincing them it is legitimate and worthwhile. Many times, those leaders become unwitting victims of the fraud they helped to promote. This type of scams has the potential of exploit the trust and friendship that exists in groups of people. They also operative in a very secretive way and are of tight-knit structure groups to an extent that, outsiders may not know about the affinity scam.


(They often enlist the services of respected leaders from the group)

There are tendencies among  victims of affinity investment frauds and scam trying to work things out within the group rather than notify authorities or pursue legal remedies. In most cases affinity scams often use the  Ponzi Schemes or Pyramid Schemes model  as their  modus operandi ( method of operation)  where monies from new investor money is used to pay earlier investors, making it appear as if the investment is successful and legitimate how ever the scheme always collapse and it is mostly the new investors that loose their money.

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